About Us

Through our innovative, fun, high energy money game and workshops,for young people & adults, we are giving people the tools to change their financial future to live the life they desire.


Finance is a subject most perceive that can be tedious, complex and an area that people don’t like to deal with in the first instance.

Due to these reasons our programs are taught through fun and play. By teaching through a game we help people to discover how looking at finance in a different way can be impowering, fun, and the ability to achieve their financial goals. It also helps broaden individual minds in understanding how money can work in their favour and not against them in achieving their financial dreams. It is more about taking a step back, making small changes and having a clear plan.

Our aim is to move the fear installed by big corporations due to lack of our financial education and give the simple steps that are needed to achieve individual goals. Example of such goals are; to be able to pay for university fee, save for a deposit for a home, being debt free or retiring at your chosen age and enjoying your free time.

To live life to its full potential, we believe you need to have a fresh mind. Free from the stress of money issue. Today there is a huge financial burden on families which is causing huge mental issues in our society. A lot of this is due to lack of financial education.

Here at MMC we bring tools and education to help transform your money beliefs and support you in achieving your dreams. An integral part of the organisation is to help you uncover your money belief that may be sabotaging your success. Guiding you through changing your limited beliefs to empowering beliefs, on road to creating your Financial Freedom.

Why we do it?

The money game is one of the most important life skills that we need to employ in our everyday life but we are never taught this in schools. Most people find it challenging to learn from a book. Real world learning can prove very costly both in time and money.

It’s not your job, income, or your academics that determine the level of your financial success. BUT it’s your money story, that determine if you will be financially free or financially broke.

That’s why we have created the workshops. That will help you through any challenges that you are experiencing at the moment and guide you through some of the common financial problems/challenge most people get themselves into. It will give you tools so you can enjoy your life and build a solid foundation for your future, reducing stress and creating more happiness.

The inability to use money correctly has serious consequences. It is easier to fall into debt, be scammed, make uninformed decisions and establish bad money habits.

More than a third of young adults have debts of almost £3,000 and a growing number of under 30’s are struggling to pay household bills and are using credit to cover everyday spending.

Youth unemployment stalks Europe and the traditional routes to employment are changing. This generation will have to make smarter financial decisions and create their own opportunities.

Need for Financial Education
  • Stats for debt
  • Retirement
  • Financial institutions are misleading us
  • How current challenges can be easily managed, by learning how money works.
  • Teaching our kids and passing the baton down the generations
  • This will create much happier society, people will be more empowered and have a better work life balance. Better health and be more creative as they will have a fresher find – in turn giving more back to society