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3 Powerful steps to spring forward your financial success

Money is one of the most important life skills that we need to employ in our everyday life but we are never taught this in schools. Most people find it challenging to learn from a book. Real world learning can prove very costly both in time and money.

It’s not your job, income, or your academics that determine the level of your financial success. BUT it’s your money story, that determine if you will be financially free or financially broke.

That’s why we have created this workshop. That will help you through any challenges that you are experiencing at the moment and guide you through some of the common financial problems/challenge most people get themselves into. It will give you tools so you can enjoy your life and build a solid foundation for your future, reducing stress and creating more happiness.

Come and Discover
  • 3 Steps to put yourself on the road to financial success
  • How to identify and change beliefs that are holding you back
  • 5 Critical Factors for Financial Freedom
Outcome – By Attending, you will
  • Develop your money management skills using a Financial tool kit
  • Identify and break through any financial challenges you may have
  • Grow your financial confidence

Format: 2 Hours, Interactive workshop
Group size: 8- 20 People
Format: 30 – 60 Min. Informal char with the focus on the goal/task the client wants to focus on
Group size: 1-2