Come join as on our workshop and Money Game to learn how. Let’s get unstuck and build the life you dream of.
Money Game, our foundation program, an interactive workshop that gets you started on the journey. A fun way to remove the fears and challenges about investments, savings and learn how to make your money work hard for you.

Learn to live a rich and fulfilling life now and look forward to tomorrow.   It does not have to be about restricting yourself today to plan for the future OR have fun now and have no future certainty.   True balance is about having fun now and being excited about the future.

Our programs show you how simple changes in attitude, behaviour and belief, can change your life, how to be more successful, how to get past any obstacles, make better and more effective decisions.

Your subconscious conditioning determines your thinking.  Your thinking determines your decisions and your decisions determine your actions, which determines your outcome.  There are three key elements of change, each critical to changing your financial outcome.   Discover, Identify & Grow (D.I.G).


First step of change is to discover your limiting financial habits, you cannot change something unless you know it. We go though some simple process to unearth these habits, as we do them subconsciously, we don’t normally identify them. Why we make the choices that we do Consider a specific emotional incident you experienced around money when you were young.


Second step is to identify the way of thinking originate from. You can recognise it has to come from outside you. Write down how this incident may have affected your current financial life


Third step of change is to disassociate from these beliefs and grow yourself. Once you realise this way of thinking is not you. You can separate yourself from it and rewrite your subconscious thought to be more supportive in terms of money and success
Can you see this way of being is only what you learned and it’s not you? You have a choice in the present moment to be different Our workshops will help you steer through this journey. The Money Game, which is the 1st workshop, will get you started on your journey. It’s interactive and fun approach makes it easy to learn, simple to understand, remember and implement more of what you have acquired.
Come join as on our workshop and learn how to change your money story

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