Money Club

Come and play the money game and put the financial strategy to the test

Money Game

The is a game-based workshop simulating real life choices, decision-making and challenges. learning in a fun and relaxed environment makes its easy to learn and retain more information. Unlike normal lecture-based workshops, the information you retain and action you take will be much higher as you are learning using all four of your senses. Sound, Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic.


2 Hours, Game based

Target Group

Excellent opportunity for friends and families to share and learn together

Group Size

3 – 8 People


The Game will teach you how you can have fun with money and make money work for you. The difference is that the rich and the successful people make money work for them and the rest of us work for money. It is a simple shift in our attitude that can make all the difference.

By the end of the workshop you will have learned how to be more creative with structuring deals, looking at investment opportunities and business deals from a different prospective. You will be able to analyse financial statement, importance of keeping your accounts, negotiation skills and team work.